Form 5 Quick Start Guide

All CAP pilots must satisfactorily complete required CAPF 5 flight checks. CAPF 5 flight checks shall be administered and accomplished in accordance with the guidelines contained in CHAPTER 3 – PILOT QUALIFICATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS of CAPR 60-1.

Applicants for a CAP pilot flight check must become familiar with CAPR 60-1 “CAP Flight Management”

A completed CAPF 5 denotes qualification to fly a particular model of CAP aircraft. It consists of ground and flight evaluations, and is valid for 12 calendar months from the date it is completed. To be complete, the following must be accomplished as part of the CAPF 5 check ride:

  1. Completion of an Aircraft Questionnaire for the model aircraft flown within 60 days prior to the flight check.
  2. Pass the annual CAPF 5 online written examination (power or glider as applicable) within 60 days prior to the flight check.
  3. Members must be current in accordance with FAA 14 CFR 61.57(a)(1) to carry passengers in the same category and class as the CAPF 5 aircraft prior to the flight check.
  4. Evidence of qualifications (membership card, medical and pilot certificates, log book, questionnaire[s], and on line written exam results) must be presented to the check pilot at the time of the CAPF 5 flight check.
  5. For airplanes only, the minimums are 1 hour flight time and 3 takeoffs and landings.