Welcome to North Hennepin Composite Squadron


North Hennepin Composite Squadron, based in Crystal, Minnesota, is one of 1,700 Civil Air Patrol (CAP) units in the United States of America. Chartered by Congress as the official United States Air Force Auxiliary, the 60,000 volunteer members have access to a fleet of over 500 aircraft and 950 ground vehicles in order to carry out CAP’s 4 primary noncombatant missions:

  • Search and Rescue / Disaster Relief is what CAP is best known for. When called upon by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC), CAP members search for emergency locator transmitters (ELTs) and/or for missing aircraft. These Emergency Services missions are conducted by our air crews, grounds teams and combinations thereof. CAP has an extensive radio communications capability for use during missions and administrative purposes.
  • Cadet Training Program designed to educate young men and women in the ideals of leadership and service through Air Force style training, discipline and education. Similar to ROTC, CAP cadet officers “run” the cadet program under the supervision of specified senior officers. Qualified cadets also participate in actual or training missions; in fact, they form the bulk of our ground teams.
  • Aerospace Education is repeatedly provided to both CAP members and the general public.
  • Counter Drug (CD) support is provided by CAP to state and federal law enforcement agencies. This important mission primarily entails the transport of equipment, evidence or law enforcement officers. The Posse Comitatus Act was designed to limit direct active use the military by civil law enforcement officers to enforce laws. It prohibits direct participation by military personnel in civilian searches, seizures, arrests and other similar activities unless expressly authorized by law. As part of the United States Air Force, CAP Members are governed by this act when involved in a CAP mission.

CAP today remains the only organization whose members are official, non-combatant members of the United States Air Force.