75th Anniversary Picnic

You are invited!

North Hennepin Squadron

75th Anniversary Celebration

North Hennepin Squadron is the first composite squadron in the nation! Please plan on joining the NHS family in celebrating our 75th anniversary.

WHEN: Saturday, July 22, 2017 from 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

WHERE: Elm Creek Park Reserve

12400 James Deane Parkway

Maple Grove, MN 55369


BRING: Lawn Chairs, Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Towels,

Frisbee, etc.

COST: NONE! Food & drinks will be provided!

There will be games, Elm Creek (man-made) Swim Pond – $5/person, EC disc golf course (pass available at the pro shop), volleyball, & a HUGE playground!

For meal planning purposes, PLEASE RSVP BY JULY 21 TO:

Capt Suzanne Albrecht: SIGNDOVER2@HOTMAIL.COM




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1 thought on “75th Anniversary Picnic”

  1. To the members, past and present, of the NORTH HENNEPIN COMPOSITE SQUADRON, a heartfelt HAPPY 75TH ANNIVERSARY!!!!
    I joined this illustrious squadron, now I come to find, one month before the 49th anniversary of its formation; on JUNE 1982. Little that I knew of the historical significance of this great squadron.
    Not long after I began to train and taken the Leadership training, on member friend asked me if I care to give the handful of cadets members some Aerospace Ed. Classes. Soon I found myself totally immersed into the cadet program, which I still love! Being still a SM and after a couple of months, my SQ CO, and please, someone refresh my failing memory on his name, came to me and said: by the way you are now Deputy for Cadets!
    This great first CO of mine told me something I still remember to this day and so important to the survival of this great organization; He said, “ I have two jobs for you, One is the job you like to get involve in, the second one job I need you to help the SQ with. You do this and I will go all the way to help you accomplish what you want out of Civil Air Patrol.”
    I had great support in this beloved SQ. One USAF Maj, again, whose name sadly I don’t remember, believe me, only his name NOT HIM, was my salvation helping me navigate the intricacies of the cadet program. And of grater more importance, secure the permission from local schools for the cadets to have our meetings during winter season. The SQ only had one room and the hangar, this last one, not a warm place to gather.
    After 36 continuing years of membership I want to thank all of you at NORTH HENNEPIN COMPOSIT SQ, FOR CONTINUING carrying the torch of this, my beloved first SQ.
    Congratulations to all, and I will be in mind with all of you at the Elm Creek Preserve, by the way, a stone throw away from my former home in Champlin, during your 75th year celebration!!

    Bonaventura Reno Lauro
    Lt Col, Civil Air Patrol

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