Form 5 Quick Start Guide

All CAP pilots must satisfactorily complete required CAPF 5 flight checks. CAPF 5 flight checks shall be administered and accomplished in accordance with the guidelines contained in CHAPTER 4 – QUALIFICATION: CAP Pilots, Instructor Pilots, Check Pilots of CAPR 70-1.

Applicants for a CAP pilot flight check must become familiar with CAPR 70-1 “CAP Flight Management”

A completed CAPF 5 denotes qualification to fly a particular model of CAP aircraft. It consists of ground and flight evaluations, and is valid for 12 calendar months from the date it is completed.


The following must be accomplished as part of the CAPF 5 check ride (See CAPR 70-1 – 7.2.1):

  1. Pass the Online CAPR 70-1, CAPF5 Annual Examination within 60 days prior to the CAPF5.
  2. Complete the appropriate questionnaire (CAPFs 5Q-A, 5Q-B, or 5Q-G) for the make and model of CAP aircraft in which the member is being evaluated.
  3. Provide evidence of qualifications to the CAP Check Pilot, to include: FAA pilot and medical certifications; log book; CAP membership card; online CAPR 70-1, CAPF 5 Annual Examination and supplemental Glider or Balloon Exam results as applicable; questionnaire (CAPFs 5Q-A, 5Q-B, or 5QG); and any quiz results needed for special endorsements(such as for Cadet Orientation Pilot, Check Pilot, etc.).
  4. With the CAP Check Pilot’s advance concurrence and willingness to serve as PIC if necessary, a CAP Pilot may combine the CAPF 5 with requirements to fulfill the FAA flight review and/or instrument proficiency check under 14 CFR 61.56 and 14 CFR 61.57, provided that this activity meets all requirements for both CAP and the FAA.
  5. Unless otherwise arranged in accordance with Section 7.2.2. of this regulation, a pilot must provide evidence of a flight review (logbook entry, WINGS documentation, new pilot certificate or rating, new flight instructor certificate), or 14 CFR part 135.293/297, 121.441, or 61.58, proficiency checks.